We use Mycronic MY300 for our Prototype PCB Assembly Services

Mycronic also known as MyData is universally recognized as the most
sophisticated pick and place machine for prototype PCB assembly.

  • 24 HOUR TURN

4 PCBs Maximum
Up to 15 BOM Line Items
Maximum of 8 Through-hole Components per Order

  • 48 HOUR TURN

10 PCBs Maximum
Up to 30 BOM Line Items
Maximum of 40 Through-hole Components per Order

  • 5 DAY TURN

500 PCBs Maximum
Up to 70 BOM Line Items
Maximum of 400 Through-hole Components per Order

Assembly Clocky

The Assembly Clock starts ticking after the kit (PCBs and all the parts) is complete.
Please make sure to emails us all the required files

The Assembly Clock will not start ticking for any of the following reasons:

  • Missing parts or not enough extra parts
  • Missing required files (Gerbers, BOM and XY Data)
  • Incomplete or incorrect data
  • Missing panelized working Gerbers (if applicable) from PCB house
Turnkey assembly
Turnkey Assembly

Sit back and relax, we'll do it
all for you!

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Consignment assembly
Consignment Assembly

You provide the bare boards and
all the electronic components (parts).

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