You provide the bare boards and/or all or some of the board level components (parts)

We will assemble your printed circuit boards in our state-of-the-art facility and ship you the assembled PCBs with any remaining parts.

Learn more about our PCB fabrication services and electronic components sourcing.

Though consignment PCB assembly services have gained popularity during the global chip shortage most customer still prefer our turnkey PCB assembly services.

Consignment Services
Turnkey assembly
Turnkey Assembly

You provide the design files, we source the bare boards, board level components and SMT Stencil.

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How to get a consigment (Kitted) PCB Assembly Quote

You can get a quote in a number of ways:

1. Online Quote: You can use our online system to quote your entire PCB project. Engineers prefer this method of quoting so they can instantly see the prices and lead times. To get an online quote: a. From the Quote & Order menu, click on the Online Quote & Order link.
b. On this page you will see a tab for PCB assembly and a tab for PCB fabrication. In the near future you will also see a tab for electronic components (parts). For now, we can provide you a parts quote if you email your bill of material (BOM) to
c. You can add your online quote to the shopping cart and check out or you email it to a colleague, a supervisor or a buyer in the purchasing department.

2. Online Form: This method of quoting is recommended if you do not have all the technical specs. To get a custom quote:
a. From the Quote & Order menu, click on the Custom Quote link.
b. Fill out the form and click on the submit button.
c. A turnkey assembly custom quote will be emailed to you.

3. Email: You can also request a turnkey assembly custom quote by emailing your design files to
Please let us know your quantities and lead times requirements.

If you have any question please call us at +1 (800) 651-7250

PCB fabrication and assembly quotes expire after 30 days!
Parts quotes expire in 24 hours!

How to place a Consignment (Kitted) PCB Assembly Order

If you have an online quote you can add it to the shopping cart and check out. You can pay with a credit card or upload a PO provided your company has net 30 terms. In the checkout page will be able to select a shipping method and provide payment information as well as your shipping and billing address.

If you have a custom quote you can place your order by simply emailing us a purchase order or contacting our office to provide a credit card. Our team will process your order and email you a receipt.

Assembly Clocky

Last Minute Change

If you discovered a design problem and would like to cancel the order or make a last minute change (e.g. replace a part with a substitute) you need to immediately notify us by email at and by phone at (800) 651-7250. We may be able to catch the boards in time before they are assembled.