This type of service is for a consigned (kitted) job where you provide the bare boards and all the board level components (parts). We will assemble your printed circuit boards using our state-of-the-art equipment. Please refer to PCB Assembly Process for more information.

see required files
Consignment vs. Full or Partial Turn-key PCB Assembly
Full Turn-key

Full Turn-key means we source all the material including bare boards, parts and SMT stencil.

Partial Turn-key

Partial Turn-key means you source some of the material (e.g. hard to find parts).

Please refer to Full and Partial Turnkey Assembly Services for more information.

SMT Stencils

Please let us know if you are planning to provide your own SMT stencil. Our automatic SMT stencil printer only accepts 29”x29” extruded framed stencils. We fabricate our SMT stencils in house using the latest laser technology from LPKF. We have years of experience designing and fabricating them. If a stencil we cut is not perfect for a particular job we just cut another one and we do not charge you for the new stencil (unless you provided your own SMT stencil).

SMT stencil printer

How to get a consigment (Kitted) PCB Assembly Quote

You can get a quote in a number of ways:
1. Online Quote: You can use our online system to quote the PCB assembly labor cost or your entire project. Engineers prefer this method of quoting so they can instantly see the prices and lead times. To get an online quote:
a. From the Home Page click on the QUOTE ONLINE button to go to the PCB Quote page.
b. On the PCB Quote page you will be able to quote the assembly labor cost. You could also quote the bare boards and the parts at least for comparison purpose.
c. Once you finalize your quote you can check out, save it for later, email it to a colleague, a supervisor or someone in purchasing.

2. Custom Quote: Buyers usually prefer this method of quoting because it is the easiest especially if they do not have all the technical specs. To get a custom quote:

a. From the Home Page click on the CUSTOM QUOTE button
b. Fill out quote form and click on the submit button.
c. A PCB assembly custom quote will be emailed to you.

3. Email: You can also request a PCB assembly custom quote by emailing your design files to
Please let us know your quantities and lead times requirements.
If you have any question please call us at +1 (800) 651-7250
PCB fabrication and assembly quotes expire after 30 days!
Parts quotes expire in 24 hours!

How to place a Consignment (Kitted) PCB Assembly Order

You can place an order online or you can have our team enter the order for you. To place an order online you first need to get an online quote from the Quote Page or open an existing quote.

  1. From the Quote Page: Fill out the form and click on the Quote Button.
  2. From My Account: You can access all your previous quotes from My Account. To open an existing quote just click quote number. The quote will open on the Quote Page.
  3. From your Email: If you received an online quote via email you can open it by clicking on the Order Now Button. The quote will open on the Quote Page.

Online ordering is easy, from the Quote Page just click on the Checkout Button. The Checkout Page contains several sections: a section where you can provide your shipping and billing address, a section that shows all the UPS and FedEx available shipping methods including real-time pricing and a section for payment where you can enter your credit card information or upload your PO. Once you submit the order you will see a Thank You Page with tracking and order information.

If you have a custom quote and prefer to have our team enter your order just call us and provide your credit card information or email us a purchase order (your company must have Net30 Terms). It is easy to establish terms, all you have to do is email us your company’s credit references.

Last Minute Change

If discovered a design problem and would like to cancel the order or want make a last minute change (e.g. replace a part with a substitute) you need to immediately notify us by email at and by phone at (800) 651-7250 . We may be able to catch the boards in time before they are assembled.

PCB Fabrication Requirements for Assembly

If your bare boards do not meet the following requirements we will still try to assemble them but it may delay your project or increase its cost if we may have to build a custom fixture.

  • All Printed Circuit Boards must have fiducial marks.
  • Your PCB length and width must be at least 2 inches (approximately 50mm). If your individual PCB is smaller than this your boards must be panelized. Our engineering team can help you design your board panel configuration.
  • Components should be at least 0.120 inches (3mm) from board edge. If components are closer or overhang the board edge then borders will be required. When components are close to the edge we prefer tab routs with mouse bites instead of V-scored panels.

Guideline for Ordering Extra Parts for Attrition

During SMT the amount of components lost or damaged depends on the particular component and other factors such as packaging, pick and place machine and production batch size. The percentage of components lost is usually between 0.1% and 3%. Attrition ensures that there enough components to complete the job without having to stop the SMT line.

If you do not supply enough components we will not be able to start the job unless you authorize us to proceed. We will build as many boards possible and mark the boards with missing components.

Usual Percentage of Extra Parts Minimum Amount of Extra Parts
Small SMT Components 5% 10-20 (depending on price)
Large SMT Components 3% 5-10 (depending on price)
0201 to 0603 Passive 5% 50-100
0805 to 1206 Passive 5% 15-20
Through-hole Components N/A 2-5 (depending on price)

We accept SMT parts in continuous cut tapes (6” or longer), reels (full or partial), tubes (preferred entire tubes) and trays.
We accept through-hole parts in bulk or tape.

Any unused parts will be shipped back with your assembled boards.

Packaging your Parts & Shipping your Kit

  • Keep your parts in the anti-static and moisture-proof packaging that they came in.
  • Make sure all of your parts are clearly labeled. The labels should match what you put in the BOM that you emailed to us. Using the supplied parts labels helps to ensure we get the right parts in the right places.

Please ship your kit to:

PCB Assembly Express
Attention: Receiving Dept.: (Insert Order Number)
10191 SW Avery St.
Tualatin, OR 97062

  • If you do not know the order number please provide the name or part number that uniquely identifies your board.
  • If your order has multiple kits, please ship each kit in a separate box. If you must ship multiple kits in one box please clearly mark them and keep them separated.
  • If parts or boards are being drop-shipped from another company, make sure they put your PCB Assembly Express order number on the packing slip.
  • Include a packing slip listing all the items and quantities included for every kit.
  • Please email us the tracking number for each shipment
  • We appreciate an email sent to us with the tracking information, especially when drop shipping from multiple suppliers.

Special Instructions

  1. Please let us know if there are special instructions for this build. Please include assembly drawings or images where applicable.
  2. Special instructions must be provided for any components that need special handling (e.g. components that cannot be washed).
  3. If there are locations on your printed circuit boards that you do not want populated please make sure to label the parts as DNS (Do Not Stuff) in your BOM.