Our state-of-the-art facility uses the latest SMT and Through Hole Equipment to manufacture quality and reliable products in a timely fashion.

SMT, Through-hole & Mixed Technology
Single & Double Sided SMT Assembly
PCBA Testing Services
Leaded & Lead Free (RoHS) Assembly
No-Clean & Water Soluble Fluxes
Standard Flux: Water Soluble
Conformal Coating
SMT Sizes: 0201 or greater
BGA Pitch: 16 mil (0.4mm) or greater
Fine Pitch: 16 mil (0.4mm) or greater
Rework Services
Ball Grid Array (BGA & µBGA), QFN, POP &
lead-less chips
Wire & Cable Harnesses
Class II and Class III Inspection
Visual, Automatic Optical & X-ray
Box Build