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PCB Assembly Express is a full service electronic contract manufacturer (ECM) located in Tualatin, Oregon. It was founded by Agustin Araujo in 2010.

Agustin has a bachelor and master degree in electrical engineering from University of Portland and an MBA from Portland State University.

He is the founder of Stencils Unlimited and PCB Unlimited and the president of PentaLogix the makers of ViewMate, CAMMaster and EMS Magician.

Site Office

PCB Assembly Express was started to provide fast and reliable electronic manufacturing services to the thousands of PCB Unlimited and PentaLogix customers.

Today, PCB Assembly Express is a leading electronic contract manufacturer with a state-of-the-art facility.

Automatic Pick And Place Machine Yamaha YSM 20


When you hire us to do a job, you are assigned an account manager and have access to our entire team:

  • Electronic design and layout engineers
  • Certified SMT and through-hole technicians
  • Quality control inspectors
  • Customer service representatives
  • Account managers

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We source all the parts directly from the manufacturers or from authorized parts distributors such as Digikey, Mouser and Arrow to avoid counterfeit parts. If there is a need to substitute a part we never do it without your authorization.

Our Parts Partners

Why you should consider us for your next project:

1. Prototype and
production divisions

Our prototype division uses Mycronic pick and place machines (commonly known as MyData). MyData pick and place machines are the industry standard for prototype PCB assembly. Our production division uses Yamaha pick and place machines.
Mounting Accuracy: ±0.025mm.
Mounting Capability: 95,000 CPH

Mycronic MY300

Mycronic MY300

Automatic Pick And Place Machine Yamaha YSM 20

Yamaha YSM20R

2. An extensive network PCB manufacturing partners

Unlike other electronic contract manufacturers that are married to a specific PCB house, we partner with a number of printed circuit board manufacturers in the USA, Taiwan and China to provide our customers a wide range of PCB capabilities. In other words, we find the best bare boards for your project.

3. Instant access to SMT stencils and PCB assembly fixtures

Because we are located in the same building with our sister company Stencils Unlimited, we have instant access to SMT stencils and PCB assembly fixtures. In other words, if a stencil or fixture does not work properly we don’t have to wait. We just make a new one.

Stencil Laser LPKF 6080

Stencil Laser LPKF 6080



4. DFM and DFA Software

Because PentaLogix is our sister company we have unlimited access to their engineering talent including their DFM and DFA software.

5. Good old fashion customer service

We are proud to provide good old fashion phone customer service in English and Spanish. You can also email us or chat with a customer representative online.

6. Instant quote
and online ordering

You can get an instant PCB assembly and PCB fabrication (USA, Taiwan and China) quote online .You can also order online and check your order status and shipping information online.