Sit back and relax, we'll do it all for you! This type of service is for a turn-key job where you provide the design files, we source the PCBs, the board level components (parts), the SMT stencil and then return assembled boards to you.
Please refer to PCB Assembly Process for additional information.

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Full or Partial Turn-key vs Consignment PCB Assembly
Full And Partial Turn-key Assembly Services

Full Turn-key means we source all the material including PCBs, parts and SMT stencil. Partial Turn-key means you source some of the material (e.g. hard to find parts).

Consignment Assembly Services

Consignment means you provide the bare boards and all the parts. Please refer to our Consignment Assembly Services for more information.

Sourcing the PCBs (Rigid, Flex, Rigid-Flex, Metal Core, etc.)

We save you time and money by sourcing your printed circuit boards from the “PCB factory that is best suited for your project”. If your project is time sensitive and you only need a few quickturn prototype PCBs or if your boards need to be made in the USA we partner with PCB factories in California, Illinois and Oregon. If you need complex multilayer PCBs with features like filled conductive vias and/or blind and buried vias we can have your boards fabricated by one of our high tech PCB manufacturing partners in Taiwan. If your project is price sensitive or if you need a large volume of boards we can have your boards fabricated by one of PCB factories in China that we partner with.

Sourcing PCBs Map

Authorized Parts Distributorse

Sourcing the parts

We source all the parts directly from the manufacturers or from authorized parts distributors such as Digikey, Mouser and Arrow to avoid counterfeit parts. If there is a need to substitute a part we never do it without your authorization.

Authorized Parts Distributorse

Fabricating the SMT Stencils

Please let us know if you are planning to provide your own SMT stencil. Our automatic SMT stencil printer only accepts 29”x29” extruded framed stencils. We fabricate our SMT stencils in house using the latest laser technology from LPKF. We have years of experience designing and fabricating them. If a stencil we cut is not perfect for a particular job we just cut another one and we do not charge you for the new stencil (unless you provided your own SMT stencil).

SMT Stencil Printer

How to get a Turn-key PCB Assembly Quote

You can get a quote in a number of ways:
1. Online Quote: You can use our online system to quote your entire PCB project. Engineers prefer this method of quoting so they can instantly see the prices and lead times. To get an online quote::
a. From the Home Page click on the QUOTE ONLINE button to go to the PCB Quote page.
b.On the PCB Quote page you will be able to quote your entire project including PCB fabrication, assembly and parts.
c. Once you finalize your turn-key quote you can check out, save it for later, email it to a colleague, a supervisor or someone in purchasing.

2. Custom Quote: Buyers usually prefer this method of quoting because they do not need to know all the PCB specs.

a. From the Home Page click on the REQUEST A QUOTE button
b. Fill out quote form and click on the submit button.
c. A turn-key quote will be emailed to you.

3. Email: You can also get a turn-key quote by emailing us your design files to Please let us know your quantities and lead times requirements.
Call us if you have any question at please call us at +1 (800) 651-7250
PCB fabrication and assembly quotes expire after 30 days!
Parts quotes expire in 24 hours!

How to place a Turn-key PCB Assembly Order

You can place an order online or you can have our team enter the order for you. To place an order online you first need to get an online quote from the Quote Page or open an existing quote.

  1. From the Quote Page: Fill out the form and click on the Quote Button.
  2. From My Account: You can access all your previous quotes from My Account. To open an existing quote just click quotenumber. The quote will open on the Quote Page
  3. From your Email: If you received an online quote via email you can open it by clicking on the Order Now Button. The quote will open on the Quote Page.

Online ordering is easy, from the Quote Page just click on the Checkout Button. The Checkout Page contains several sections: a section where you can provide your shipping and billing address, a section that shows all the UPS and FedEx available shipping methods including real-time pricing and a section for payment where you can enter your credit card information or upload your PO. Once you submit the order you will see a Thank You Page with tracking and order information.

If you have a custom quote and prefer to have our team enter your order just call us and provide your credit card information or email us a purchase order (your company must have Net30 Terms). It is easy to establish terms, all you have to do is email us your company’s credit references.